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class descriptions

                                                                                                                                                                                     All locations offer each of the class types described below.

Please note: students are NOT required to participate in any competitions or performances.

BEGINNER This class is for students with little or no dance experience. Focus will be on foot placement, posture, listening to and moving to Irish dance music. Simple light jig and reel steps will be taught. A light jig and reel routine will be taught, giving students the opportunity to participate in local performances.

ADVANCED BEGINNER Continued focus in this class will be on foot placement and posture. Students will learn to start and stay with the music. Students will continue to learn light jig and reel steps in addition to simple single jig and slip jig steps. They will also learn the traditional Ceili dances: 'The 4 Hand Reel' and 'Sweets of May'. Select students will be able to start hard shoe beginning with the traditional treble jig and hornpipe and the traditional set dance 'St Patrick's Day'.

NOVICE/PRIZEWINNER Students in this class are actively participating in competitions and/or performances on a regular basis. Students will learn slow treble jig and hornpipe, as well as the tradional set dances 'Blackbird' and 'Job of Journeywork'

CHAMPIONSHIP Students in this class have met the requirements to participate in Preliminary or Open Championship